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Welcome to Enkulu African Safaris, located in the breathtaking Free State province, where we provide an immersive African bush hunting experience tailored to your unique preferences. Our lodge is situated just a stone’s throw away from Kimberley, famously known as “The Diamond City” nestled in the warm heart of the Northern Cape, home to the world’s largest man-made hole. We’re conveniently situated approximately 25 km/15 miles from the airport, ensuring easy access, and both shopping and sightseeing opportunities are within reach.

Unforgettable Experience

Hunting Horizons: Unveiling the Diverse Types of Pursuits in the Wild

Trophy Hunting

Embark on ethical trophy hunts, blending the thrill of the chase with wildlife conservation.

Shotgun Hunting

Experience the raw excitement of shotgun hunting – a dynamic and thrilling pursuit that adds an extra layer of intensity to your outdoor adventures.

Bow Hunting

Explore the ancient art of bow hunting, forging a primal connection with nature as you quietly track your prey.

Chopper Pursuits

Elevate Your Hunt with Helicopter Expeditions at Enkulu Safaris

Embark on a high-flying hunting adventure with Enkulu Safaris! Elevate your experience as you pursue game from above, combining adrenaline and precision in our exclusive helicopter hunting excursions. Unleash the thrill of the chase like never before!

All in one

Conservation, adventure, schooling, dining, wellness, hunting, safaris and more.

Malaria Free

Discover the ideal family destination in the Malaria-free Free State, perfect for travel with young kids.

High-end Luxury

Immerse yourself in opulence at our camp, situated at the pinnacle of the luxury scale.


Our camp is 100% off-grid, single-use plastic-free, and strives for net-zero impact.

Socio-economic Growth

Camp hires locally, boosting income, enhancing community life, and fostering sustainable development.

Medico Helicopter

Our dedicated helicopter ensures swift transport from scene to hospital, prioritizing your care.

Welcome to ENKULU Lodge

Select Your Cozy Room

Embark on an unforgettable adventure at Enkulu Safaris, where you can choose from our inviting array of accommodations, luxury tents and elegant chalets.

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