Bow Hunting

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Bow Hunting

Enkulu Game Lodge offers an unparalleled experience for bowhunting enthusiasts, providing an idyllic setting for this thrilling sport. Spanning approximately 12,400 acres (5000 hectares) of diverse terrain, our expansive farm features dense bush areas, offering prime opportunities for concealed and strategic hunting.

Within our bowhunting area, we’ve strategically placed four fixed blinds and two pop-up blinds, providing hunters with excellent vantage points for a successful outing. With 31 different game species inhabiting the region, you’ll have a diverse array of targets to choose from.

Whether you prefer a more contemplative hunt from the comfort of one of our blinds or an adventurous, on-the-move experience, the choice is yours. The optimal bowhunting season at Enkulu Game Lodge extends from May to October, promising ideal conditions for your pursuit.

It’s worth noting that a bow license is not a prerequisite for engaging in bowhunting activities in South Africa, adding to the accessibility of this exciting experience. We eagerly anticipate hosting you for a memorable bowhunting adventure at Enkulu Game Lodge.

Please be aware that transporting arrowheads across Amsterdam is prohibited, but worry not, as they are readily available for purchase within South Africa, though stock may vary. Plan your visit today and immerse yourself in the thrill of bowhunting amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Enkulu Game Lodge.

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