Seamless and Personalized Adventures Await

Immerse Yourself in the Thrill of Hunting with Enkulu Safaris

Experience the thrill of hunting with Enkulu Safaris, where we prioritize every detail to ensure your journey is seamless and personalized. From the outset, our meet-up service welcomes you at your arrival point, setting the tone for a hassle-free adventure.

Handling all transport arrangements, we go the extra mile by personally checking you into your accommodation. Throughout your hunting trip or tour, our knowledgeable guides accompany you, providing support and expertise. Beyond the standard offerings, we arrange your meals for the entirety of your stay, with some meals prepared by our team for that personal touch.

Tailoring our hunting safaris to your preferences, we consider every aspect to make your adventure truly unique. Once your trip concludes, we prioritize your safety, ensuring a secure return to your departure point and leaving you with cherished memories.

Bookings and Reservations

Discover the year-round thrill of hunting with Enkulu Safaris, particularly favored from mid-March to the end of September. Choose from various hunting options, including off the Trophy Price List on a Daily Rate, packaged deals, or custom-designed packages. Trophies and days can be added to existing packages, though we discourage trophy substitutions. Importantly, we do not charge VAT on our packages.

Reservation by Phone

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Reservation via Email

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Honoring Ethical Traditions
Embracing Fair Chase Hunting with Precision and Skill

Our fair chase hunting methods, such as ‘spot and stalk,’ ‘stand,’ and ‘still,’ ensure an ethical hunting experience. Shots ranging from 100 to 300 meters highlight the importance of practicing with the long bipod shooting sticks commonly used in our hunting grounds.

Unleash the Thrill

12,400 Acres of On-Site Adventure

Spanning 12,400 acres (5,000 hectares), Enkulu Safaris minimizes travel, allowing for a 100% on-site hunt. Our tracking hounds play a crucial role, particularly in recovering wounded trophy animals. With the use of dogs, our recovery rate increases by an impressive 90%, ensuring a responsible and ethical hunting experience for our clients.

Hunting Day

Experience a Memorable Hunting Day at Enkulu Safaris

Begin your day at Enkulu Safaris with a 5:15 AM breakfast, followed by an excursion to your hunting grounds. Companions are welcome to join in the adventure. Lunch and a potential afternoon break can be enjoyed in the bush, or you may opt for a return to Enkulu Game Lodge. The day’s hunt concludes at sunset, leading to a delightful dinner hosted by our dedicated staff. The evening offers relaxation by the fire or at the bar. With the capacity to host four groups concurrently across our expansive 12,400-acre hunting areas, equipped with four Professional Hunters and dedicated hunting vehicles, immerse yourself in the thrill of the hunt and relish a memorable experience at Enkulu Safaris.

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